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2016-09-21 17:40:45 -0600 asked a question distance measurement from camera to object?

I am working on a project to localize a robot, where in I need to determine the distance of the object from the camera. I've done a lot of research regarding this, but its a little out of my scope. I am using a single camera as I cannot afford a stereo camera :P I am working on Code Blocks as my platform. I would be really glad if someone could help me code this in c++.

2016-08-31 14:16:36 -0600 asked a question How to install opencv with C++ bindings on raspberry pi?

I would like to install the opencv packages and libraries on the RPi 3. I have already installed cmake and i will be coding on codeblocks. Could someone explain as to how could one go about the opencv with C++ bindings on Raspberry Pi 3 running on Raspbian Jessie.