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2017-04-26 00:41:19 -0600 asked a question Convert Bayer CV_32F to BGR image


Can anyone tell me why cvtColor cannot convert a CV_32F Bayer image into a BGR CV_32FC3 image? In the OpenCV documentation it is said that cvtColor accept single-precision floating-point as input image. However, the following code does not work:

cv::cvtColor(Bayer_32F, RGB_32F, cv::COLOR_BayerBG2BGR);

where Bayer_32F is the single channel input image and RGB_32F is the output color image - Any help is welcome.

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2016-08-24 05:32:29 -0600 asked a question CPylonImage to Mat

I am currently developing a machine vision application using a Basler camera. I am trying to capture an image using the Pylon SDK and then convert it to Mat format for further analysis.

This process works well when the pixel format is Bayer 8-bit or Bayer 12-bit, using respectively CV_8UC1 and CV_16UC1 as the Mat pixel type. However, I’m currently not able to convert Bayer 12-bit packed images to Mat.

I would be very grateful if someone could explain me how to do that.