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Its obvious...
In every program language I think its the same... Rewrite your question if you would say why this its divided by two.

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Hi all, I'm new with OpenCV and a have a dude with calibrationMatrixValues.
I want to calculate the maximum width and height that captures my WebCam to 50cm. I thought calculate using the FOV, for that I have calibrated the camera with a chessboard, as explained here:
I invoke calibrationMatrixValues by passing the matrix ​​calculated. I don't know if this its correct

FileStorage fs2("out_camera_data.xml", FileStorage::READ);
  Mat cameraMatrix2;
  fs2["Camera_Matrix"] >> cameraMatrix2;
  cv::Size imageSize(640,480);
  double apertureWidth = 1;
  double apertureHeight = 1;
  double fieldOfViewX;
  double fieldOfViewY;
  double focalLength;
  cv::Point2d principalPoint;
  double aspectRatio;
  cv::calibrationMatrixValues(cameraMatrix2, imageSize, apertureWidth, apertureHeight, fieldOfViewX, fieldOfViewY, focalLength, principalPoint, aspectRatio);

Whats the apertureWidth/height mean? Are they correct? When I run this, he tells me fovx = 44.68 and fovy = 34.26.These results would be corrects?
I've been doing various tests and looking in different forums, and I can't understand.
I try to get the values I need with these values and I do know if I'm wrong ( with my trigonometry calculations) or its because I call wrong the function. I should get out more or less about 60 cm of width
Any help you can give me would be appreciated,
Sorry for my bad english.
A greeting.