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2013-08-05 19:54:18 -0600 commented answer Recommended HD camera

I'm assuming you're asking about the mightex cameras... we normally run at 1280x1024, and for a single camera we've had no problem getting frame rates of 50 fps or so (for USB3 with the camera in 8-bit mode, using the callback methods in their SDK). I've never noticed an image quality problem at lower resolutions. The USB3 throughput seems to be the bottleneck it that case, so I can see where it might be hardware intensive / hardware dependent to a certain extent.

2013-07-23 16:15:36 -0600 answered a question Recommended HD camera

We did a lot of our development stuff using the ubiquitous logitech quickcam 9000 pro. We got nice stable calibrations and good accuracy on our results. When we needed to upgrade to high speed, we went with Mightex cameras. Their USB 3 series cams can do the frame rates you want at HD resolutions (we use the SME-B050-U). They're not plug and play with openCV but the SDK wasn't that hard to figure out (and I'm a relative novice in c++). I haven't tried out a lot of other cameras, but these meet your requirements (size, frame rate, standard c-mount lens mount) and the Mightex folks have been willing to answer any questions we've had in our hardware/software development process.