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2013-12-06 03:32:21 -0600 commented question circle detection opencv android

Check the code links which I have provided above. I am smoothing these images with Gaussian blur. Am I missing any step in between or is it the standard procedure for circle detection. 1 . convert to grayscale , 2 . Gaussian blue 3 . HoughCircle . is it the correct method or not ?

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I will post images in which there is detection. In above images there is no detection . That's the main problem.

2013-12-04 04:44:24 -0600 asked a question circle detection opencv android

I am trying to detect circles using Opencv for android. So far I have tried using JavaCvCamera and custom android camera app , In both scenarios circle detection is not efficient. Also even when I set the minRadius, maxRadius parameters to 0 so that all possible circles will be detected , its not happening. Circles are hardly detected and also when they are considerably big enough like when they cover 1/8 of the screen. Following code snippets shows the procedures I am using

1 . Straight forward houghCircle

2 . Sobel derivative and houghCircle

3.Sobel derivative and houghCircle using JavaCvCamera

I am using both these procesure with JavaCvCamera provided in opencv library and Custom camera using Camera API. Only difference being conversion form bitmap to mat while using Custom camera as captured image is firstly converted to Bitmap and then to Mat for opencv processing.

Can anyone tell reason why I am not able to find out the small circles ?

Following are some demo images I am using among which I get better results on

Image 1 : coin over hand

Image 2 : circle drawn on paper


edit :

Image 3 : Image 3 with circle detected

Image4 : Image 4 with circle detected

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2013-07-30 09:01:13 -0600 commented question Overlay png image over jpg using openv Java API

May be instead of closing it down let other take a look at it as this is one of common issues faced on android while using opencv .As there is not much documentation available for JAVA API of opencv this is the way yo gain knowledge by sharing issue and asking help.

2013-07-30 06:32:45 -0600 asked a question Overlay png image over jpg using openv Java API

I am trying to convert the following code written in C++ into JAVA equivalent for android platform. The code is from the site :

C++ : JAVA : ( contain error description )

below method is suggested at How to get and modify the pixel of Mat in Java?

double[] opacity = new double[(int) (*foreground.channels())];
foreground.get(fY , fX, opacity);/// Mat type not compatible error over here

System configuration : Opencv4Android 2.4.5 , Opencv Manager 2.4.5