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2016-05-31 03:43:44 -0600 commented question Can StereoSGBM support 16bit single channel?

Ah, sorry my lack of English. I meant I'd like to use the 16bit stereo image files input and I expects the output is 3D depth you said as well.

2016-05-26 03:28:27 -0600 commented answer Can StereoSGBM support 16bit single channel?

Thanks mshabunin for your suggestion. Exactly valgrind showed a bunch of memory errors.

Quick report for my result:

I tried to make PixType as ushort but it didn't work. My first compile failed around [1] that looks like for SIMD accelerations. To figure out if it is possible without SIMD, I tried to drop SSE compile option and then the compile succeeded but I got segmentation fault at runtime around the loop, here [2].

I'm still digging this but if you know something around there, it will absolutely help me to understand what's wrong.

1: 2:

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2016-05-24 22:19:36 -0600 asked a question Can StereoSGBM support 16bit single channel?

Hello guys,

Once I was trying to use StereoSGBM compute to process 3D depth map with 16 bit single channel images via python + OpenCV3, OpenCV showed an error like "the left image's depth doesn't match 8 bit single channel". Looking at the code[1], exactly current OpenCV looks to restrict the data depth as CV_8U (i.e. uint8) and that's why I got the error.

And then, when I tried to to rebuild OpenCV changing the assertion as CV_16U (i.e. uint16, 16 bit channel), it seems to work well even though I expected to get some problems like compile error or core dumped at running time.

Absolutely, I'm a newbee for this tech and I'm not sure if it exactly works well or not, so that I'm wondering if someone lets me know if it still could contain some problems or issues (or yeah, it's no problem!)

Thanks and Best,