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2019-09-25 09:13:53 -0600 answered a question HOG People Detector on image

If I understand your question, I think you mean you want to draw rectangle around the detected objects, from what I see

2019-09-25 08:51:36 -0600 answered a question How to extract palm lines?

try Sobel operator

2019-09-25 08:47:51 -0600 answered a question Object Extraction from Background

Try to convert both images to binary then use AND (Logic gate) bitwise_and ....

2019-09-23 15:11:48 -0600 answered a question Computing Histogram of Oriented Gradients

I think you need to convert it to Grayscale before computing the HOG

2019-09-23 15:11:47 -0600 answered a question OpenCV VideoWriter on Mac

try to use MOV extension... CV_FOURCC('m','p','4','v').

2019-09-23 15:11:46 -0600 answered a question Finding ROI

Please explain more, do you mean you want to detect a certain object and extract it ?

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2019-06-17 14:15:47 -0600 asked a question Cannot use IP Camera on openCV 3.4.2 on Mac

Cannot use IP Camera on openCV 3.4.2 on Mac I have tried to access to IP camera ,I used the URL for the Camera on Firfox