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I have commented out CV_WRAP int predict(InputArray src) const; But when I build I get the following error: /home/pi/opencv_contrib-3.1.0/modules/face/src/facerec.cpp:75:5: error: prototype for ‘int cv::face::FaceRecognizer::predict(cv::InputArray) const’ does not match any in class ‘cv::face::FaceRecognizer’ int FaceRecognizer::predict(InputArray src) const { ^ In file included from /home/pi/opencv_contrib-3.1.0/modules/face/src/facerec.cpp:19:0: /home/pi/opencv_contrib-3.1.0/modules/face/include/opencv2/face.hpp:309:26: error: candidates are: virtual void cv::face::FaceRecognizer::predict(cv::InputArray, cv::Ptr<cv::face::PredictCollector>, int) const CV_WRAP virtual void predict(InputArray src, Ptr<PredictCollector> collector, const int state = 0) const = 0; Thanks