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2014-12-09 13:46:29 -0500 marked best answer Android rotate opencv native camera

I am developing an android application which uses the opencv native camera using opencv2.4.2 sdk face detection samples. Is it possible to rotate the native camera to other angle when it open initially?

2014-12-09 13:44:46 -0500 marked best answer Android opencv eye detection

I am using android "opencv samples - face detection" to detect the face. It is working good. Now I want to include "eye detection" with "face detection". Is it possible? if yes can anyone give me some samples to detect the eye.

2014-12-09 13:44:45 -0500 marked best answer Static Initialization on OpenCV Android

Hi I am using OpenCV face-detection sample(OpenCV 2.4.2). I have changed the face-detection sample to OpenCV static initialization. I changed the below code in my file. But I am not able to open native camera. when I call the "openCamera()" method it shows "Fatal error: can't open camera!" alert box. what seems to be the problem?

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        Log.i(TAG, "onCreate");
        Log.i(TAG, "Trying to load OpenCV library");
        if (!OpenCVLoader.initDebug()) {
            Log.e(TAG, "Cannot connect to OpenCV Manager");
        } else {


10-12 09:44:01.604: I/Sample::Activity(676): Instantiated new class org.opencv.samples.fd.FdActivity
10-12 09:44:01.654: I/Sample::Activity(676): onCreate
10-12 09:44:01.704: I/Sample::Activity(676): Trying to load OpenCV library
10-12 09:44:01.704: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): Trying to get library list
10-12 09:44:01.895: E/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): OpenCV error: Cannot load info library for OpenCV
10-12 09:44:01.895: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): Library list: ""
10-12 09:44:01.895: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): First attempt to load libs
10-12 09:44:01.895: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): Trying to init OpenCV libs
10-12 09:44:01.895: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): Trying to load library opencv_java
10-12 09:44:01.895: D/dalvikvm(676): Trying to load lib /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.134: D/dalvikvm(676): Added shared lib /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.164: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): OpenCV libs init was ok!
10-12 09:44:02.164: D/OpenCV/StaticHelper(676): First attempt to load libs is OK
10-12 09:44:02.164: I/Sample::Activity(676): OpenCV loaded successfully
10-12 09:44:02.164: I/Sample::Activity(676): OpenCV loaded successfully
10-12 09:44:02.174: D/dalvikvm(676): Trying to load lib /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.185: D/dalvikvm(676): Added shared lib /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.185: D/dalvikvm(676): No JNI_OnLoad found in /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0, skipping init
10-12 09:44:02.394: I/Sample::SurfaceView(676): Instantiated new class org.opencv.samples.fd.FdView
10-12 09:44:02.654: I/Sample::FdView(676): Loaded cascade classifier from /data/data/com.face.conf/app_cascade/lbpcascade_frontalface.xml
10-12 09:44:02.654: D/dalvikvm(676): Trying to load lib /data/data/com.face.conf/lib/ 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.654: D/dalvikvm(676): Shared lib '/data/data/com.face.conf/lib/' already loaded in same CL 0x411e3cc0
10-12 09:44:02.924: I/Sample::SurfaceView(676): openCamera
10-12 09:44:02.924: I/Sample::SurfaceView(676): releaseCamera
10-12 09:44:02.934: D/CAMERA_ACTIVITY(676): Library name ...
2014-12-09 13:44:42 -0500 marked best answer How to create a new OpenCV4Android project using Eclipse


Can somebody give the steps to create a new opencv android project using eclipse (not steps to import the project). I have searched via internet about this. But available resources are describing how to import the opencv android samples using eclipse...

2014-12-09 13:44:37 -0500 marked best answer Is OpenCV_2.4.2_binary_pack_armv7a source code open

Is it possible to get OpenCV_2.4.2_binary_pack_armv7a source code? Is it open source?

I don't want to install the OpenCV_2.4.2_binary_pack_armv7a.apk separately in my device. I want to include OpenCV_2.4.2_binary_pack_armv7a in my application.

2014-12-09 13:43:31 -0500 marked best answer "add image capture button in opencv camera "

Hai, I am developing an image capturing application using opencv 2.4.2 in Android. So I downloaded the opencv 2.4.2 sdk and used the sample "OpenCV Sample - face-detection". The camera is opened and face detected well in my emulator. Now I want to add a button to capture image frame. I could't add button using "addContentView". Is it possible? Can you explian?

Thanks, Karthi

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2014-01-05 15:10:14 -0500 marked best answer Use OpenCV on Android without Manager

I am developing face-detection application using OpenCV-2.4.2 in android.

while i'm trying to run face-detection it says, "OpenCV Manager is not installed, please try to install it." after install it from the market it is working fine.

But I don't want to install another .apk for using face-detection application.

-> How to use openCV without asking for another application (i.e.) OpenCV_2.4.2_Manager should be pre installed.?

Can anyone help me?

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2013-06-22 07:36:38 -0500 commented answer Missing tbb lib for armeabi in 2.4.3 for Android?

Thanks for the answer. Where can I enable the "WITH_TBB=ON" in OpenCV AndroidSDK. Can you give me the steps to build the android OpenCV SDK with TBB enabled?

2013-06-22 01:18:33 -0500 asked a question TBB build with android OpeCV sample

I am doing android "face-detection" application using OpenCV. For this I have downloaded the OpenCV-2.4.5-android-sdk and used the "face-detection" sample. The application is working good but the video streaming is too slow. So I want to speed up the application using TBB build.

I found that "Enabled multi-threading support with TBB" from

and also "The good news is that Intel TBB had been build for Android and tested with some OpenCV samples" from the following link.

But I don't know how to build the TBB with "face-detection" sample. Can someone give me the steps to build TBB with the android OpenCV sample?


Finally I found that "OpenCV-2.4.5-android-sdk" basically comes with TBB.

(i.e)libtbb.a available in "\OpenCV-2.4.5-android-sdk\sdk\native\3rdparty\libs\armeabi-v7a" folder

and tbb-("OPENCV_3RDPARTY_COMPONENTS:=tbb libjpeg libpng libtiff libjasper IlmImf") is included in "\OpenCV-2.4.5-android-sdk\sdk\native\jni\" file

But I don't know exactly this is correct. Please can you tell me is this correct or not?

2013-06-22 00:26:17 -0500 commented question Howto obtain OpenCV Android SDK with OpenCL Support

@Awkman: Did you found any answer for this post? If yes, please post the answer. It will be helpful for me. Thanks.

2013-06-21 10:05:45 -0500 edited question OpenCL and GPU with Android OpenCV SDK

I have found that from the following links, The OpenCL and GPU is available in OpenCV.

Is it possible to obtain OpenCV Android SDK with OpenCL and GPU.