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2013-06-15 06:08:02 -0600 asked a question Inverse bilinear interpolation (pupil tracker)

I have build a eye tracking application using openCV and i wish to control the location of the mouse pointer using the location of the left eye pupil.

What i have is four points of the pupil that correspond to the four screen corners. Now i would like to map the current coordinate of the pupil given the four corner positions into a screen coordinate position.

Are there any build in functions in openCV that would let me do this? I already did some research and found that inverse bilinear interpolation would allow me to do this. However i can't seem to find this functionality in opencv for Point2f types.

2013-05-26 04:36:42 -0600 asked a question Compute Affine transform like with Active Appearance Models

Hello i am looking into computing the affine transformation of one image onto another image as is done using the Lucas Kanade Algorithm or inverse compositional algorithm in active appearance models. The difference being of course that i am not interested in warping many points in order to match faces but in matching just one template image with another image with a affine transform in real time (the template and image are really small). Is there any build in functionality in opencv i can use to do this?


2013-05-21 16:04:40 -0600 asked a question Reshaping matrices into column vectors??


I have a question regarding reshaping matrices. I have two square 3x3 matrices M1 and M2. I wish to turn both matrices into 9 element column vectors c1 and c2. Next i would like to create a new matrix consisting of new 2x9 matrix [c1,c2]. I need to do this in order to solve a least square problem.

I tried using the reshape function as M1.reshape(0,9) but it returns:

OpenCV Error: Image step is wrong (The matrix is not continuous, thus its number of rows can not be changed) in reshape