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2012-08-09 04:52:52 -0500 commented answer usb camera driver for microcontroller

using an OS would be difficult and not of much use because I'm controlling other things with the microcontroller and using it to run an OS just to get camera data isn't such a good idea I think. So, i'm thinking of reimplementation of the drivers. will this be possible?

2012-08-07 07:33:14 -0500 commented question usb camera driver for microcontroller

Actually i dont have any os running on it, i would like to read the rgb data of each pixel and do some simple processing on it. So, is it possible to port the drivers in opencv to my microcontroller. i will give more details if it is possible. thank you.

2012-08-05 03:21:53 -0500 asked a question usb camera driver for microcontroller


I need to get images from a USB camera using an ARM7 microcontroller which has a USB port built in. Currently I'm using OpenCV to get images and then working on it. But now I need to run it on my microcontroller. So, is there any way to port the usb drivers provided in OpenCV to my microcontroller? I'm new to computer programming, please help. The microcontroller has a USB host, full speed.