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2013-05-04 09:27:33 -0600 asked a question problem with reprojection matrices


i'm trying to rectify my images before doing the 3d reconstruction. while using cvstereorectify i got in the projection matrices P1 and P2 an negative value for c_x_1 and c_x_2. How can it be that i got negative values? The epipolar lines look really good.

Thank you.

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2013-04-29 03:27:22 -0600 asked a question implementation of initUndistortrectifyMap

Hi, i am new to OpenCv.

i want to get a better understanding about the function "initUndistortRectfiyMap". Therefore i want to have a look at the implementation. Can Anybody tell me in which file i can find the implementation.

Thank you

2013-04-26 04:44:31 -0600 asked a question initUndistortRectifyMap - crop


i have a question regarding the rectification and the reprojectImageTo3D method:

in the function initUndistortRectifyMap the image gets undistorted, rectified and cropped... if i calculate the disparity map afterwards the disparity depends on the crop process, is that correct? Does anybody know by what criteria the algorithm cuts the image? Because by computing the 3D data (reprojectImageTo3D) i will get coordinates according to the crop process.

It would be nice, if anybody can help me.