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2013-04-16 07:49:18 -0600 answered a question opencv 2.4.3 and microsoft visual studio ultimate 2012

you add .dll to your ptojet< 你把那个.dll文件添加到你工程里就好了

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2013-04-16 04:14:31 -0600 asked a question reloc_library[1312]: 2586 cannot locate '_ZN2cv3Mat8copySizeERKS0_'

I use NDK + android(4.0.3) + JNI(a algotithm by C++) + OPENCV4ANDROID(2.4.2).

I finished compilation by NDK, but I run the program on android(4.0.3) I get the following error:

Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Cannot load library: reloc_library[1286]: 1813 cannot locate '_ZN2cv3Mat8copySizeERKS0_'...

I couldn't find anything useful when I searched.

I have red, so I ask the question here, i want to get your help, Thank you.