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2013-04-07 13:11:19 -0600 asked a question Error streaming video from server

Hi all, I have a webcam usb connected to the Raspberry Pi. I installed Motion and now the Raspberry is working as a server. I used Vlc to stream and test that (open as and is working. Then i have installed Opencv with FFmpeg, Gstreamer and Xine like wrote in this tutorial link text. I am using this to open the streaming: ... VideoCapture cap(""); ... and i get this error: (ERROR)icvOpenAVI_XINE(): Unable to open source '' Segmentation fault

Anyone could help me? I have to use the webcam of the Raspberry like the webcam of my this possible? thanks in advance

2013-04-05 10:36:19 -0600 answered a question How use Opencv process signal input is Stream video on C#

hi, i followed this steps and download the OpenCV code:

i try: VideoCapture cap("");

but i get only one frame and not a streaming. could you please help me? i need to streaming from an url.