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2016-02-15 02:53:15 -0500 commented answer Reprojection error with opencv

Hi, it's for this reason that I posted the question because I don't know if a supplementary function to get them exists! I suppose by your answer that the solution is to use the function cv::projectPoints... Thanks again for your answer!

2016-02-10 09:27:23 -0500 commented answer Reprojection error with opencv

Thanks for your answer.

I'm doing that.

But previously I have done a calibration with calibrateCamera and openCV calculates at this moment all the reprojection errors, so my question is if there is a method to get back all the reprojection errors calculated by OpenCv instead of to recalculate them with cv::projectPoints.

2016-02-10 06:26:03 -0500 asked a question Reprojection error with opencv

Hi, I'm looking for a method to obtain all the reprojection errors in a calibration. I know that the functions calibrateCamera and StereoCalibrate returns the final reprojection error but I need the maximum of all reprojection errors used for the final reprojection error calculation.

I have found the code for calculate all the reprojection errors but I'm interested in a more automatic method.

Is there any function to get all the reprojection errors calculated by the function calibrateCamera in openCV?


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2016-01-21 08:53:51 -0500 asked a question Accuracy of focal length estimation?

Hi, I'd like to know the accuracy in focal length estimation with OpenCV. Someone knows how obtain or calculate this? Thanks!