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2013-03-08 08:15:54 -0500 commented answer VideoReader_GPU Problem

Thanks for your help! However I don't now if this is the problem because i tried with smaller videos and the problem was the same. For example, one video has frame size 320 x 240 and 169 frames but videoReader_GPU reads only 150 frames. The other has frame size 400 x 224 and 4289 frames and it reads 3445 frames. Do you have any idea of what is wrong?


2013-03-08 07:22:03 -0500 asked a question VideoReader_GPU Problem

I'm trying to read a video using cv::gpu::VideoReader_GPU but it reads only about 80% of the video and stops. I tried with different video formats and sizes, but the problem is the same. Can someone help me?