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2013-04-23 19:26:12 -0600 asked a question track using coordinates of image

I am working on a project to track an object with a laser pointer on a 2 axis sentry. For now I am just using color filtering and a cvLine with cvMoment to find the center and and track it that way. My problem is the coordinates given are within the detected object, not the whole screen itself. I am using a servo for each axis to move depending on the direction the object move. I am not sure if i am using the wrong google search terms or if it is more complicated than it seems. Thank you for your help!

An example would be excellent but any key word terms to search would be great as well!

2013-03-03 14:58:08 -0600 commented answer New to OpenVC, error 0xc0000005 running demhist.cpp(and most others)

It was no easy task to research and get everything to work together that's for sure. I have the 64x dlls linked, i tried to use the 32x and I the program wont even compile so i have the right dlls. All the dlls have the .a, there aren't any .d's.

The only thing im not 100% on is the Path variable, im pretty sure i have it set to the correct place for openCV as mentioned above, do i need to add another one for codeblocks itself?

2013-03-02 18:56:29 -0600 asked a question New to OpenVC, error 0xc0000005 running demhist.cpp(and most others)

Hello, I am new a to opencv and i have downloaded opencv 2.4.4 and incorporated it with code::blocks. The opencv folder is on my desktop and i have added the environmental variable path: C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\opencv\build\x86\mingw\bin as well as have linked all the dll's in code::blocks and included:
C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\opencv\build\include to the compiler and: C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\opencv\build\x86\mingw\lib to the linker.

Now, MY QUESTION: Whenever I try to run the .cpp file in the sample section "demhist.cpp" i get the following error: "This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click ok to exit the application."

I have no idea what i did wrong, if anything. I dont think this has to do with it i commented out: //C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\opencv\build\x86\mingw\bin which is located just under using namespace. I commented it out because the program would not compile saying " stray '\' in program.

Any help to get this working is much appreciated as I hope to learn OpenCV and use a webcam to control my robot i am working on.