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2013-03-01 11:05:18 -0500 asked a question Reading cheque (check?) number with OpenCV

Hello everybody,

I am currently doing a project on iPhone, where I a supposed to take a picture of a cheque (check) with my iPhone, and the app is supposed to read the number written at the bottom on it.

The afct is that the font used is this one : click here

Which is a little weird. Do you have an idea on how I could do that with opencv ?

I had some ideas : I could try to get the shape of the number and do usual recognition, but I don't think that could actually work well because if the font.

Or try to read the barcode, by 1st rotate the picture so the numbers are horizontal, then separate every number by counting the number of bars (7 per character). Then measure the space between each bar in order the have a binary expression (1 for large space, and 0 for small one), for finally get the number. But for that, I need to have a clear picture, with well drawn bars, which are not really on the pictures people can take with their iPhone, and it's supposed to work the best as possible. Is there a way to clean a picture ? By getting it in black and white for example.

So, wich method seems to be the best ? and Why ? Do you think it can exists an other method than those 2 ?