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I just built OpenCV 3.0 from source on Visual Studio Community 2015 both debug and release x64 on Windows 10:

The key was to check out the version after pull request 5212 was merged: 421e1b237c4c0024f46a9ab06ca23497d8cb2204 This fixes issue 5007: Error in Building OpenCV for Microsoft VS 2015.

The steps were (using MinGW bash shell):

git clone
cd opencv
git checkout 421e1b237c4c0024f46a9ab06ca23497d8cb2204 -b with-vc2015-fix
cmake-gui & # Then set destination dir, configure, configure, generate

Then, open OpenCV.sln in Visual Studio. It will be building the Debug target. Right-click on ALL_BUILD, select build. Wait until it finishes, Go to the CMakeTargets project, Right click on INSTALL and select build. Then, switch to Release mode and repeat the menu selections you did for the Debug target.