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2012-07-25 08:58:53 -0600 asked a question fatal signal 11 error

I'm adding GPS to android Face Detection sample. When I launch the app. whith GPS enabled it works OK, but when I launch it whith GPS disabled, when I launch the intent to enable it and return to app, it crashes and i get

07-25 14:36:10.932: E/CAMERA_ACTIVITY(3224): calling (*pGetPropertyC)(0x229988, 0)
07-25 14:36:10.932: E/CAMERA_ACTIVITY(3224): calling (*pGetPropertyC)(0x229988, 1)
07-25 14:36:10.937: E/CAMERA_ACTIVITY(3224): calling (*pGetPropertyC)(0x229988, 3)
07-25 14:36:10.942: A/libc(3224): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x00000000 (code=1)`

I`m using native detector, OpenCV 2.4.1 and Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 4.0.3


2012-07-25 08:11:31 -0600 commented answer How to limit the number of FPS from camera

Sorry Sammy, but it seems that solution that you propose doesn't works on android. Highgui.CV_CAP_ PROP_FPS doen't exists on android.

In sample there is VideoCapture mCamera.

When I Try mCamera.set there is no option to fix FPS.


2012-07-23 09:45:26 -0600 asked a question How to limit the number of FPS from camera

I´m doing an application that recognizes speed limit signs based on Face Detection Android sample. I´ve got application almost done, when I show to camera one photo with speed limit signal inside, app detects an identify signal, It takes less than 1 second. The problem starts when I started tests mounting device on a car dock because when I get moving detection step fails continually. I'm using native detection_based_tracker and seems that it get saturated so I want to pass less frames to it. Is there a way to fix native camera FPS? I would need only approximately 5-10 FPS.

Thanks in advance.