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2012-07-27 08:45:09 -0500 commented answer FREAK vs SURF

UPDATE: I managed to extract the FREAKs for my images and some standard test images (Lowe's scene, box, basmati, book). After some analysis - binary clustering, visualization, matching - I noticed that there is a problem with this descriptor. It seems that there is some pattern but the descriptors are non-discriminant. E.g. clustering using Hamming distance gives one huge cluster and distance histogram is almost a nice Gaussian. May be I am using the descriptor incorrectly, but even running author's freak_demo.cpp on Lowe's test images, no meaningful matches are returned. Whereas SIFT returns nice correspondences from object to scene.

2012-07-23 03:36:56 -0500 answered a question FREAK vs SURF

Interesting. I recently made a small MEX interface for FREAK computation to simplify my frameworks that are mostly in MATLAB. I noticed a strange thing, when I plot a histogram of Hamming distances for FREAKs of two images, I get a nice Gaussian. Is there something wrong with the descriptor? Is it normal since I fear that my binary descriptors are just rubbish. I will post soon the code on my blog blog