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@StevenPuttemans i've managed to do this so far (see link for image ) , could you tell me how i can remove these white dots , b/c when i am passing this image to tesseract it recognizes nothing. Thanks Processed Image Link

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i just want to know about how to extract that part in green (Asad Muneer ,12K-2192) , i have configured tesseract for OCR purpose since i am new to opencv i need a path to follow on processing this image :/

i followed this tutorial but results were'nt exactly what i wanted

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Hi i am very new to OpenCV and indeed to this forum as well ,My question is ... How can i determine the location of TEXT ( ASAD MUNEER 12K-2192 ) ( see image ) with OpenCV and C++, iam trying to dynamically locate the location in the image. My main point is to read these characters in the image and later on convert them to text (using tesseract ) . I would like to do with in C++ openCV .

please find the attached image i would like to read is " ASAD MUNEER 12K-2192 " i just want to extract this information from ID CARD .

many thanks in advance Asad

Image Link :