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2015-12-09 15:46:58 -0500 asked a question Unspecified error could not find a writer

I am trying to run and check a sample program from here and executing its sample.c. I am giving its argument, first is the path to facefinder, second is input image, third is output image and so on. But when i give all the paths, it show me following error and close. I am using Visual studio 2015 and opencv 2.4.10

image description

2015-12-08 14:40:55 -0500 commented answer Best face detection algorithms

Thank you for your reply, I am trying this algorithm sample as well, but its not working on its output path when i give it to 'D:\' . Can you please just guide me on it

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2015-10-20 19:00:56 -0500 asked a question Best face detection algorithms

Is there any other algorithms for face detection other than viola jones , or viola jones are the best algorithm out of every algorithm regarding face detection ? Because as far i am studying about it , i studied that viola jones need straight front face to detect the image but what if some one has a bit different angle towards camera ? or different lighting condition ? or if someone changes his/her hairstyle ? wear glasses of different shapes, So which algorithm is better in the scenario where we face such things. Thank you

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2015-10-11 09:06:08 -0500 commented question I am not getting recovery email

@berak or living with the new id may be the only option :P . Thank you :)

2015-10-11 00:34:33 -0500 asked a question I am not getting recovery email

Hi , I have another account here on this forum, i want to access it after some months but its no log in. When i try to input my email adress to recover the id, i am not getting the recovery email in my inbox not even in spam, but forum is showing that email has been sent. What i further need to do now to recover my id ?