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2013-02-18 17:53:40 -0600 commented answer Conversion of camera intrinsic parameters (pixels to meter)

I need the camera parameters in metric value (meters or centimeters). Previously, i have obtained the parameters in pixel value and also in its normalized form, however from my understanding we need something called scale factor in order to convert this to metric. Is there any formula how to solve this?

I tried to specify the size of square when calibrating (i used 19mm) but i dont know how to get the metric parameters after this.

2013-02-18 02:45:38 -0600 asked a question Conversion of camera intrinsic parameters (pixels to meter)

I am currently developing a project involving a camera and a distance sensor, but I stumbled on a problem, I have obtained the camera's parameter through calibration step , however I discovered that the obtained parameters are measured in pixels (e.g. focal length [860, 899], etc).

Is there any formula to convert this to unit distance (meter) ? I tried a few calibration techniques but all returns the same measurement in pixel.