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@pklab I just updated my opencv to 2.4.11 and it just worked fine. Thank you so much for the suggestion

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@LorenaGdL Thank you for the suggestion. Can you suggest me where can I download the OpenCV 3.0 user manual. Because, every time I search, it says OpenCV 3.0 for visual studio 2012 , but the document will be of lower versions. As in OpenCV 3.0 i.e., C:\opencv\build\x86\vc12\lib contains 4 .lib files n rest are in staticlib folder(correct me if I'm wrong) please suggest me a manual so that I can use OpenCV easily.

2015-09-06 01:36:07 -0600 asked a question Imread() is not taking any inputs

Hello all, I am trying to use OpenCV with Visual Studio 2012. I have followed every steps as mentioned in the documentation, and I have checked this question. But still I'm not able to read the image.

image description

It's not reading the image at all. I'm using OpenCV 2.4.8 and visual studio 2012(on 32 bit windows 7). Any suggestions?