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2015-08-16 15:14:40 -0500 commented answer Superresolution in video: no scale change in output

Does algorithm takes as a input only video, or we can give and image sequence? My research shows the 1st one(video only). Thank you

2015-08-16 15:07:56 -0500 commented answer About SuperResolution added in 2.4.5

Does algorithm takes as a input image sequence, how I researched, it takes as a input only a video, but with many restrictions.

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2015-08-12 08:42:42 -0500 asked a question Super Resolution for single image

I am trying to solve resolution enhancement problem for the single image.
I have read the documentation and source code of SuperResolution , but I have found way of doing only for videos.
I have problem with part, when I should create framesource for single image. for video I can write frameSource = createFrameSource_Video("VideoRepository");.
Is there any way of using doc functions to solve this pproblem for single image.
Thank you.