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ksize - si the size of the window, not the entire matrix. i.e. 17x17, 21x21, ... always odd number.
lambda - wavelenght, the thickness of the wave. can be 10, 15, 20, 30 or whatever you want.
sigma - standard deviation. it's defined like X*lambda, 0< X < 1. But you also can asign any number.
theta - is the orientation (in degrees) of your filter. can be 0 to 360.
gamma - is de width of the wave (elipticity). between 0.02 and 1. 1 is round, 0.02 is practically a line.
psi - is the offset of phase(in degrees). can be 0, 90, -90, 180, -180. if you want the wave to process the image as it. is, you should asign 0.
ktype - is CvType.CV_32F or CvType.CV_64F.

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Hello, I am trying to create an application in windows phone 8.1 using openCV 3.0.0 and Visual Studio 2013, but I just can't figure out how to link the app and the library. I've tried to do it following some guide by setting out path to x86 or x64 librarys in opencv installed folder, but when I build the project I get 8 errors LNK2019 (C++ language). At first I thought this was because my app was pointing an x86 or x64 architecture and my device was ARM, but then I create a WinRT component in order to envolve openCV and I get same errors when building this component. I can't figure out why these errors. Have anyone encountered a complete tutorial for how to create applications in Windows Phone 8.1 using openCV or how to get samples in opencv running (windows phone, of course)? Thanx.