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2015-06-05 05:35:48 -0600 asked a question USB 3.0 Basler Camera with Opencv hangs on using imwrite/imshow

I am using Basler USB 3.0 Camera with Pylon SDK on an Odroid. I convert the image from Pylon format to Mat using the answers on this link. Commenting the imshow and printing image data and pixel values work but keeping the imshow hangs the code at camera.RetrieveResult which is responsible for retrieving data from camera buffer to SDK's Pylon image buffer which is then converted to Mat.

Things I tried:

  • xserver problem since I am using ssh to odroid but I used a monitor too and the same problem.
  • imshow/imwrite thread interfering with camera buffer reading but using it in a different thread did not solve the problem either. Moreover, having imshow in a function that is not even called is creating the problem.

Moreover, using all other opencv functions seem to work fine but since I can't see the image, I can't be sure.

There is also a similar unanswered question on stackoverflow on this.

Can anyone help me understand the problem?