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2013-02-07 02:37:24 -0500 asked a question Opencv_242d.dll missing


I have installed OpenCV 2.4.2 and Visual C++ 2010 - (Windows 7, 64 bit). While executing a sample program, I have got an error as follows:

The program can't start because opencv_core242d.dll is missing from your computer. Try re installing the program to fix this problem.

That dll file was already present in the folder. But I tried re-intsalling and still I am getting the same error.

If possible, someone can please help me to solve this error.


2013-01-22 06:52:01 -0500 asked a question OpenCV 2.4.3 - Installation problem (Visual Studio2012, Win 7, 64 bit)

Hi, I'm new to OpenCV. After installing Visual Studio 2012 and CMake, what shall I do to work with OpenCV? Please reply.