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2015-05-22 08:50:35 -0500 asked a question Traincascade parameters -> -numPos and -numNeg

Hi , I' m tring to understand what -numNeg and -numPos are , indeed i read some Q&A (here for exemple) which helped me a lot ,but I m still confused conserning -numNeg, infact I read from @StevenPuttemans ( here) that -numNeg is not the exact number of my Negative images:

I get the impression you are mixing up the concept of negative images (which is gathered manually) and negative windows (which are indicated by -numNeg and which are automatically retrieved from the negative set you supplied at model size).

So i now know was -numNeg is not but I can't get what -numNeg is ^^

Looking forward to your andswers, Regards , Luc

2015-05-22 07:40:54 -0500 commented question Error in createsamples (cvSetImageROI)

Thx Lorena your second advice worked ,maybe there was a little error in my paths :) (but for the first one , I named my vec file "positive_vec" it's not a mistake ^^ )

2015-05-22 00:05:44 -0500 asked a question Error in createsamples (cvSetImageROI)

Hi , I m trying to create a vec file from a collection of images but I always got this error :(

image description

my data fowlder is organised like this


and my description file is

image description

I must precise that I resised all images at a 30*30 px (it makes the dec file easier to create) , maybe it causes this error? I really can't see where I m doing wrong :( so let me know if you find out :)

Looking forward to your answers, Regards, Luc