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2013-01-09 05:33:19 -0600 asked a question Facial features detection using haarcascade

I need to develop a facial features detection application by which I could be able to detect eyes,nose,lips,head along with its face. For this I opted for OpenCV. I had gone through many tutorials and also sample projects. There I could see the usage of haarcascade files through which I could detect the facial features while recording a video. As I know the location of haar cascade file.

But no site could tell me the complete implementation of haarcascade files in OpenCV android project.

Kindly provide me some sites regarding or give me some brief knowledge regarding the same.

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2013-01-03 03:28:35 -0600 asked a question face recognition for android 4.0 with opencv

I need to make an android application having a mask feature same as in Google Hangout. So for that I need to detect and recognize the facial features like face,eyes,nose,head while recording a video. I had searched in Android api but unfortunately there is no face recognition api which can detect facial features.

So in that I would like to try out opencv face recognition for android...I have worked with android but i am totally noob in case of opencv. I would like to know where do i start from regarding opencv api for android. What would be the most convenient way to start and what docs to read.......any amount of help will be appreciated.