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2015-09-01 18:55:40 -0500 asked a question cvGetSubRect( ) taking an integer not rectangle

I'm fixing some source code using old OpenCV, converting it to use the current cv::Mat and all the good things in 3.0. The deprecated CvMat is all over the place. I know what cvGetSubRect() does, and how to rewrite it using the overloaded operator () in cv::Mat. But the following has me stumped:

CvMat M = cvMat(ew, ew, CV_32FC1,  pSomeFloatData);
CvMat G = cvGetSubRect(&M, 1);

What the heck does cvGetSubRect() taking an image and an integer do? Browsing the OpenCV documentation, and Googling, turned up nothing like this. This is from code which compiles and runs.

2015-09-01 18:47:33 -0500 answered a question std::pow Problem

If all you're doing is just squaring a variable, there's no need to haul in a fancy math function. I'd just replace std::pow(radius, 2) with radius*radius. This is done all the time in real-world code. The compiler will handle this faster, not having to look up "pow()". You may even be able to ditch use of <cmath> if there's no other math functions or constants in use, reducing dependencies

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This looks like a question relevant to something I'm researching today, but is it really? The links to your photobucket images are dead. Could you upload the images directly to your post?

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