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2012-12-04 06:17:37 -0500 answered a question OpenCV for Android, do I need to install OpenCV Manager separately?

Hi, Andrey.

First of all, thank you for OpenCV itself and Adnroid support!

Yes, you solved the problem that now only necessary libraries are loading to device (only libraries for this hardware platform). But seems you introduced new problem. Now user have to install some unknown application (OpenCV manager). And this is a real problem for regular user.

I am sure most of developers will have to use static initialization to avoid addition problems with user.

I think the case that 2 different application will use OpenCV at one device is very rare and this is not a problem. Main benefit from using OpenCV Manager is to avoid providing libraries for all platforms (as I understand). So what about to focus at this?

What about to crate common code (library) that all developers can use that will simple find what hardware is using and download necessary native library for this platform (from some shared location that you will own)? I think this will be the best solution for most of developers. And we will not need to ask user to install any new application (this code will be run inside my application and download necessary libraries for my application only).