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Thanks for your response. I've played around with the parameters quite a bit (and with the help of some researchers that use openCV all the time) and it hasn't helped. I'm thinking the error is the with the xml file (see my update above) though I don't really understand what exactly.

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Hi everyone,

I have spent the past 3 or so hours trying to figure out what is wrong with my introductory attempts at getting haar cascades to detect facial features. I am just beginning to explore this topic so I am essentially just running the example code found here

The problem is it doesn't detect my face or eyes! I have tried a few different cascades and the only one that detected anything was the lbpcascade_frontalface. Other than that I am getting zero results. Are these haar cascades highly unreliable or am I (more likely) doing something wrong in my code? My code is exactly what is found in the example.

Would love any thoughts people have and/or pointing me in the direction of basic examples of haar cascades would be helpful - it's very hard to find anything beyond the example I posted above.

The .xml files are in the correct place (as I mentioned I AM getting results for one lbpcascade) so I don't believe that is the problem.


UPDATE: Something worth noting is that when I use any of the haarcascades the data after the cascade is loaded is all null pointers except for a category "Old style cascade" which does have data. could this be the source of my problem? When I use the lbpcascade the data that is loaded does not have null pointers.