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2014-11-17 09:50:57 -0600 asked a question Scaling Factor in OpenCV Face Recognizer Class

Hi, I am using OpenCV for face recognition. I have already finished my project. Now, I want to do tests with some face databases. For this reason, I would know the value of scale factor for the threshold value of the function below:

....... createEigenFaceRecognizer( num_components , threshold );

In some Face Recognition works, it is possible to see values for threshold close to 0.5 or 0.9. However, common values for threshold in "createEigenFaceRecognizer" are close to 2000 for a good recognition rate.

What is the scale factor used in threshold?

2014-11-14 04:21:23 -0600 commented answer OpenCV 2.4.2 FaceRec_demo.cpp - Interpreting output of Predict function

What's the scale factor for confidence value?

2014-10-28 11:35:50 -0600 commented question How to create CSV file in windows (face recognition) ?

When I tried to do this, I faced some problems. However, when I put the into the same directory of Python IDLE - where I have installed the Python IDLE - (e.g. C:\Python27 ) and I changed the cmd directory to the directory of Python (e.g. I wrote cd C:\Python27 in cmd), the code ran perfectly with the command: python c:/"the directory where are your database" > "a name to the csv file"

(e.g. python c:/att_faces/orl_faces > csvfile.csv )