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Thanks for the reply. Its the iPad Air and Air 2. I updated the question.

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I have an IOS application that uses OpenCV heavily for object detection. Benchmarks of the detection algorithm show that it is running about 10 fps slower on the iPad Air 2 than on the iPad Air. Profiling shows that most of the time is spent in template matching, and then median filtering. The relative proportions of the time spent in these operations INCREASES on the Air 2 despite the fact that it has a faster processor. Any clues why OpenCV appears to be slower?

I'm currently using the 2.4.9. Not using the GPU, as far as I know there are no supported operations for IOS.



2014-10-03 08:40:19 -0500 asked a question OpenCL on IOS8?

Any plans to support OpenCL on ios8, or is this not an option due to the OS?