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2014-08-10 06:51:42 -0500 commented question Matlab binding compilation error in OS X

I have encountered the exact same problem here building the latest version using source code from Github on OSX. Have you found any solution to this? Thank you.

2014-04-05 10:29:01 -0500 commented question Unable to use KalmanFilter in Java on Android

No, unfortunately I didn't. As far as I know, this function in Android version is somewhat incomplete. ref:

2013-05-25 07:46:03 -0500 answered a question Having weird issues drawing lines on android

Used to have the same weird problem here. Finally I found out the cause was these lines:

bmp = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(bmp, canvas.getWidth(), canvas.getHeight(), false);
canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, 0, 0, null);

After I changed them to:

canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, (canvas.getWidth() - bmp.getWidth()) / 2, (canvas.getHeight() - bmp.getHeight()) / 2, null);

Everything went fine and solid. However image may not fullfill the canvas in this way. Still haven't found a proper way to scale the image ...

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2013-05-12 22:00:27 -0500 asked a question Unable to use KalmanFilter in Java on Android

I'm trying to implement kalman filter in java on Android. However, I cannot find a way to specify the transition matrix, because there seems to be no setters or members in that class, and the documents are just simply copied from the python/c++ documentation.

I'm using OpenCV4Android 2.4.2 from NVPACK.

What should I do to implement Kalman Filter on Android ? I'm stuck here on my project and would be much appreciate if anyone could help.

2013-05-12 21:36:17 -0500 commented question How do I access a Kalman Filter's attributes through the desktop Java bindings? 2.4.4

Same problem using OpenCV4Andriod 2.4.2 here. Cannot find specified doc either. Have you find out any solution yet?

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