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Hi everyone,

I use QT to create some gui and parse file path with QFileDialog. My code is:

QString fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName();

Mat imageMat = imread( fileName.toLocal8Bit().constData() );

And this works fine but when I use non-latin characters my imageMat is empty. How to get image with unicode path?


UPD: Imread isn't working with non-ascii directories/paths.

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2014-09-20 12:28:32 -0600 asked a question How to filter wrong matches?

I use matching_to_many_image sample to find one image among multiple.

const string defaultDetectorType = "SURF";
const string defaultDescriptorType = "SIFT";
const string defaultMatcherType = "FlannBased";

It works perfect and finds query.png among train images: image description

Image0: 0%; matches: 0 of 538
Image1: 0%; matches: 0 of 538
Image2: 100%; matches: 538 of 538

Problem is when I don't add query image or something same to train I get this: image description

Image0: 62.2677%; matches: 335 of 538
Image1: 37.7323%; matches: 203 of 538

Of course it's wrong matches but I don't understand how to filter them. Please help me. How to get 0% match like in first example?