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2014-09-05 16:34:54 -0600 commented question Obtaining the list of codecs on MacOSX

two big questions: 1) will these codecs ship with the application? I mean, I create an application, I distribute that. Will the user to generate videos using one of these codecs that I have installed on my machine? If the answer is no, then it is useless. 2) if the answer is yes, please explain as I am five, how do I install them. Thanks.

2014-09-05 16:31:06 -0600 asked a question Does videostab.cpp that comes with OpenCV 2.49 performs any stabilization at all?

I have tried to use videostab.cpp that comes with openCV 2.4.9 and I can barely see any stabilization.

I have used the program with the default configurations, or in other words

./videostab video.avi -o output.avi

the result is a video that is I would say have no stabilization at all.

what parameters should I try to pass to the application to see some result?

2014-09-04 10:41:16 -0600 commented question Obtaining the list of codecs on MacOSX

Hi again Steven, ignore the Objective C part. All this code does is to create a videoWriter. xap is a CaptureVideo entity. The problem is that I need to know what codecs a system has installed before creating the VideoWriter, I cannot guess. I have to choose an option that exist on the system, or the app will crash.

2014-09-04 10:38:11 -0600 commented question Video in gray, why?

Thanks Stevens you are awesome. Apparently this forum has prepotent people that don't like newbie questions. They want everyone to know everything but fortunately people like you exist. Thanks.

2014-09-04 00:12:15 -0600 asked a question Video in gray, why?

Why in every video stabilization algorithm the frames are always converted to gray?

What is the logic behind it?

2014-09-03 13:29:51 -0600 asked a question Obtaining the list of codecs on MacOSX

I am using basically using a code like this to create the output video using VideoWriter on OpenCV on OSX.

double fps = xap.get(CV_CAP_PROP_FPS);

cv::Size frameSize((int) prev.size().width, // Acquire input size (int) prev.size().height);

int codec = CV_FOURCC('Y', '4', '2', '2');

NSString *documentdir = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) lastObject];
NSString *arquivoFinal = [documentdir stringByAppendingPathComponent:@""];

NSFileManager *fileManager = [NSFileManager defaultManager];

const char *pathFinal = [arquivoFinal UTF8String];

__block VideoWriter writeVideo (pathFinal, codec, fps, frameSize, true);

writing to this output produces a black video that contains the right number of frames being written.

I have tried a lot of codecs on OSX but this is the only one that produced some video so far, the others give error and don't generate any video.

This same code works fine in iOS if I use this

int codec = CV_FOURCC('M', 'P', '4', '2');

Is there a way to obtain a list of FOURCC codes that will work on a system, instead of trial and error?

Unfortunately passing -1 as a codec will not make a pop up window to appear on OSX.

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2014-09-02 19:11:24 -0600 commented question Error when importing the iOS framework

is there a precompiled framework of OpenCV for OSX? where I can download it?

2014-09-02 19:03:04 -0600 asked a question Can someone please create a precompiled framework of OpenCV for Mac OS X Mavericks or a CocoaPod?

I am desperate, I am two days trying to make OpenCV work for OSX.

I have a project under way for iOS that is working perfectly with OpenCV but I had OpenCV working on iOS by using CocoaPods. Unfortunately there is no CocoaPods for OpenCV on OSX, so I have to do it manually.

Is there some amazing guy out there that could created a precompiled framework of OpenCV for OSX or make a CocoaPods for it on GitHub?

I would like to thank you in advance. Sorry but my knowledge to do that is near zero.

THANKS in advance again.

2014-09-02 17:51:27 -0600 commented answer installation steps opencv-2.4.2 (IOS)

> Download opencv2.framework from