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2012-11-08 04:17:26 -0500 commented answer BRISK doesn't work properly?

Thanks for the answer but this solution doesn't work. I've tried with bw images and the results are the same as with RGB images. Maybe a matcher problem. I've noticed that I get weird results with all the binary descriptors (Bruteforce-Hamming matcher) e.g. FREAK ORB and BRISK. I've been using opencv in matlab with mexopencv library and below I post the code for the matching (very simple and intuitive) is the right way to do the matching?

matcher = cv.DescriptorMatcher('Bruteforce-Hamming'); matches = matcher.match(descriptors1, descriptors2);

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2012-11-06 04:05:33 -0500 asked a question BRISK doesn't work properly?

Hi, I'm building a matlab application to compare descriptors. I've put in the original version of BRISK from the paper site and the OpenCV version. It seems that on the same images the original version of BRISK finds lots of keypoints and correctly match them while in the opencv version it fails on every image. I've run the BRISK code without change anything and the code is the same for all the others descriptors, e.g. SIFT it works. Does anyone know why?

P.S. This is a link with images of matches with original BRISK and with opencv version (with and without RANSAC refinement)