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2012-11-06 11:05:53 -0500 asked a question Merging FindContour result

I am using Cammy to find the edges and use FindContour to get the outline. I am finding the FindContour is giving me broken and double contours that occupy the roughly same position. I want to either merge these contours that FindContour give me or have FindContour give me just one contour line.

Thanks in advanced.

2012-11-06 07:52:47 -0500 answered a question OpenCV 2.4.3 - Execution problem (VC++ 2010, Win 7, 64bit)

Are you using the right dlls? ie is your application is designed to be a 32-bit application then you should use the opencv 32-bit dll otherwise

If that does not work then try checking if the paths to the to the dll are there in you executable directories opition under your VC++ directories of your configuration properties.

Otherwise move you dll to the appropriate System32 and WoWSystem32 directories

Hope this helps

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2012-11-05 00:20:58 -0500 asked a question Getting a smooth outline for a picture

I want to use OpenCV to convert a raster image to a vector based image my first step is to create a smooth outline of the objects in the image. To do this I use Cammy to find the edges and use FindContour to get the outline but the data I get from FindContours is jagged and rough. Also I am finding the FindContour is giving my broken and double contours I want to merge these contours. I thank the problem is with the setting I want to used the data from FindContours to smooth the image data rather then has a pixalated image. I want to a polyline or a spline curve

Thanks again in advance