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2014-08-12 04:32:40 -0600 commented question Is Tizen camera module supported?

I think VideoCapture is c++ style API, but it is also giving null value for Tizen mobile (VideoCapture::isOpened is always false for all VideoCapture::open int arg values). So lemme give Mermalade a try as you suggested.

2014-08-12 03:29:54 -0600 asked a question Is Tizen camera module supported?

Hi All,

I was trying to explore opencv for Tizen (Mobile) and found the same in Tizen repo ( location : /profile/ivi/opencv) I could build and install the same for mobile but found few APIs are not giving proper result. Mainly I found cvCaptureFromCAM / Videocapture is giving null always (tried almost all camera index values from -1 to 15k) So I was wondering whether the camera backend support was there for Tizen mobile?