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Is it possible to train MLP for image classification?

Hi. Please apologize for my english. Here is the problem:

I'm using MS Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7 64 (x86 proc). I have troubles with installing (building) text-module. I used this guide. ALL_BUILD and INSTALL projects have been builded successfully only after I have built all of them (not with button "Build only..."), contains some error.

Despite including text-module in CMake configures and copying it in opencv\modules folder, it's lib did not appear.

Previously I tried to copy this module's headers with files of modules, which are already working. Then compiler see the header, but if I try to use this example, compiler says that OCRHMMDecoder is not a class or a namespace name. Despite this, I can find and open headers contain this class with "Open document" buttons. So the IDE knows, where the header is.

Later I learned there is Tesseract nessecary. I've tried to download pre-build binaries from here, but there is only .exe files. I don't know how to use them for coding. If this is a problem moment, please tell how to build Tesseract correctly.