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VideoCapture cant read url


My current OpenCV version is 2.4.13. Python version is 2.7.11. My operating system is OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. I've been trying to use VideoCapture() to read url but keep getting this:

WARNING: Couldn't read movie file

VideoCapture() works fine with my laptop's webcam and local files. For example, I can open and play video like this:


But I am trying to access my ip camera with OpenCV. At first I thought I had the wrong url or it was some authentication problem. I disabled authentication, tried several camera urls(both rtsp and http) and could open them in VLC player. VLC player can also open other resources like this one: rtsp://

I even managed to open the url for capturing camera view image in my browser.

But cv2.VideoCapture cant open any of those urls, both video and image, whether its for my own camera or from the internet. Im sure the problem is not with the ip camera.

I am relatively new to programming and I installed OpenCV following this guide:

Please help!! Thanks!