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RTSP stream using VideoCapture, transition from 2.4.11 to 3.1

Hello everyone,

I am a little bit lost and would like to hear your advice on my problem:

(Platform ist win32, x86 + x64)

We are trying to upgrade from OpenCV 2.4.11 to OpenCV 3.1 . So far, it all works fine. But in one case, we receive and play an rtsp stream using VideoCapture (""rtsp://someadress:someport/test.mp4"). In 2.4.11, this was working. In 3.1, it is not. What am I missing? I was using the prebuild binaries for 2.4.11 and have now buildtmy own 3.1 binaries with IPP and TBB and ALL OpenCL options enabled, left everything else on default.

What am I missing to get the stream working on 3.1?

Thank you for your help,


PS: Please apologize, my bad english skills, I am not a native speaker :(