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opencv iOS blend returns pink distorted images

I am using the stitching_detailed.cpp module in iOS to stitch several images.Going through the pipeline, all seems to be in order until it gets the the blend functions. Blend is prepared successfully, fed successfully with images, corner information etc. but when it runs blend() the images returned are pink and not stitched (the mask appears of where it needs to stitch, but not put together). As below:

image description

I've checked that converting UIImage to cv::Mat and vice versa works successfully and it does. It seems that the blend() function returns these images in this way but i can't check what it does etc. as all i can access is the header file. You can see the image has a couple of red blots, i've been playing with different image channels to see if that works - but now i'm stuck!

Has anyone out there faced similar problems?

Thanks in advance!