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SLIC error

Enviorement: Win 8.1 Professional Visual Studio 2013 Professional 2013 Version 12.0.406929.00 Update 5 OpenCV: Opencv CUDA Contrib vc12 Debug Build 3.1.0

Error in: module: ximgproc -> Superpixels Ptr<superpixelslic> cv::ximgproc::createSuperpixelSLIC ( InputArray image, int algorithm = SLICO, int region_size = 10, float ruler = 10.0f )

image description

Description: I get this error every time, no matter what the input image type may be (png, jpg,..). Using imread with CV_LOAD_IMAGE_COLOR or CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE, doesn't make a difference. I tried giving the function invalid parameters to see where does the error occur like setting the algorithm parameter to 300, and the assertion fails, as it should. Checked the Q&A here and looked for any error ticket on the github page to no prevail.

The suprising thing is, that the other 2 types of Superpixel segmentation algorithms, SEED and LSC, work just fine.

How could I resolve this error?