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Animate two images using gpuMat & OpenCV 3.1

I tried googling, couldn't find anything useful on the subject.

I am trying to draw two images on screen with one effectively replacing the other, with the new image moving in from left compressing the already displayed image on the screen. Thus, the first image is drawn fullscreen to start with and then it will be drawn resized and shrunk progressively as the second one moves in from the left with the right part of the second image visible at first, finally drawn full screen.

I am having hard time figuring out which operations to perform to manipulate the two gpuMat objects using CUDA and if I require a custom CUDA kernel to do this and if this can only be done using Mat. I do require this to be hardware accelerated, as the Mat version I have come up with which uses<vec3b> and Mat.Resize functions to achieve the animation effect, takes about 132 seconds !

Any help would be highly appreciated.