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Combining OpenCV with Gphoto2 codes

Dear All: In order to perform a real-time object detection, I connected a Canon digital camera via usb to a Raspberry Pi 2 platform. Then I installed Gphoto2. Now, I got two separate files which are built and perfectly work via two separate builders. However, I cannot combine them for the above purpose; and I want you, experts, to resolve this problem for me, as follows: 1- First one is a C program based file that captures several images and send to the Raspberry Pi. This file is built on Terminal by: gcc –o filename filename.c –lgphoto2 (Reference: ) 2- The second one is a c++ program based file that captures video from a webcam for video analysis by OpenCV. This file is built by CMakeLists.txt. (References: ) I need to have a single file capable of both abovementioned jobs, except I need video (GP_CAPTURE_MOVIE) rather a sequence of images. The operating system is Debian Jessie. (References: ). Thank you in advance. Cheeeers.