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cannot use opencv3 with python2 in windows7. cv2.pyd is strange.

python2.7.9 on win 32. numpy,matplotlib.


1.configure the sorce file.checked visual studio 2013(visual studio12).
2.get the red screen and input OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH to C:/python27/opencv_contrib-master/modules
3.again configure
4.generate and cmake end. now my build file has 7.68MB.

build the OpenCV.sln mode change to Release. "ALL_BUILD" build 99 nothing error. "INSTALL" build 3 error 97. this time my build file has 3.91GB.

check Python27/Lib/site-packages

site-packages has cv2.pyd but this size 1.61MB.
of course , cannot import cv2.
ImportError: DLL load failed......
Among these processes , do you think the cause that does not work there is what ?
PATH? cmake? build?
and teach me Required settings.
please help me.